Questions from our members

1. How do I join Telluspanel?

You can register straight away by filling out the form. Membership is free and you can terminate membership at any time.

2. Can I tell my friends to join the Telluspanel without them being invited personally?

Yes, friends are also welcome to join Telluspanel. Just email them a link to the registration page!

3. I have lost my username or password. What do I do?

You can have your login information sent to you through email. Fill in your email address here.

4. Where can I change my personal information?

You can change your personal information by logging into your personal website. The more information we have about you, the more precise surveys will be sent to you.

5. How do I terminate my membership?

You are free to leave our panel at any time. Just send us an email to and ask us to remove you from the panel.

6. How can I see how much money I have earned?

You can check your balance and your payment history by logging into your personal website.

7. How much do I get paid for participating in a survey?

The compensation you receive will vary with each survey and is based on to the lengh of the survey. Generally, you will receive between 1.5-2.5 Euro per survey. Even if you happen to be screened out early in the survey you will still get compensation for your time.

8. How do I recieve the payments to my personal account?

Log in to your personal website. Click the link ‘My balance’ and follow the instructions displayed on your screen.

9. How do I change my email address?

Log in to your personal website and make the changes in your profile.

10. How do I participate in the surveys?

You will be invited through email. The email sent to you includes a link to the survey. Click on the link to access the survey. The survey will open in a separate window and you can start answering the questions whenever you have the opportunity.